Business model

Fårö Capital invests in companies with innovative technology, strong management and the opportunity for long-term growth. Examples are pharmaceuticals, medical technology, artificial intelligence and analytical instruments.

Fårö Capital’s investment horizon is forever, but will in practice be limited by what is our expertise or capital base. We are looking for companies where we see potential for long-term cash-flow driven growth.

Through an active ownership, we support companies through product development and regulatory affairs, international expansion and financing.

We will exit companies where Fårö Capital cannot contribute anymore or where the growth potential has declined.

Investments in unlisted companies at the seed stage take place through Theope Seed Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fårö Capital.

Our mission is to back and contribute through investments to services and products that make the world sounder – better health, smarter solutions, more efficient use of resources and a more sustainable environment.