Our mission is to back and contribute through investments to services and products that make the world sounder – better health, smarter solutions, more efficient use of resources and a more sustainable environment.

Sustainability is the starting point for Fårö Capital. The investments we make are in technology and science that has the potential to improve human health in a commercially sustainable way, or to contribute to a more efficient use of resources and thus to a more sustainable world.

Long-term ownership and long term value creation contribute to sustainable operations.

A research project run and funded by Christer Fåhraeus is centered around DNA analysis of the genomes of tropical insects. This gives insight into evolutionary mechanisms and processes and thereby a better understanding of the speciation process of highly diverse animals. Butterflies are so-called indicator species and have an important role as, amongst other things, pollinators in the ecosystems. Butterflies are also great models for bioddiveristy research in general due to relative ease of field identification and sampling.

The research is purely scientific and does not aim at commercialization. The project employs three people today. The project contributes to basic science and insights into the life of our planet.